The Personalities of Online Arguments

For now, this is a stub page. It’s meant to be populated with the general types of people making arguments online, and patterns associated with different styles of argument.

Fundamentalist: these people exhibit classic religiously dogmatic argumentation that doesn’t actually address any counter arguments. Hallmarks include almost immediate ad hominem attacks and refuting any opposing idea with casual dismissal, eschewing logic, reason, or even apparent reading comprehension. Fundamentalists are fun to taunt, but ultimately a waste of time. There are a lot out there, but they seem more numerous because they’re obnoxious and mean, and will stick out in your mind.

Ideological Purist: I’m guilty of this. This personality generally tries to reduce topics to philosophical foundations, which are then carefully built back up to support a specific position. Also known as Don Quixote.

Fucking Moron: When someone completely misunderstands a stated position or argument, and draws nothing but incorrect conclusions from random, unrelated claims or facts, it’s likely you’re dealing with a Fucking Moron. Unlike Fundamentalists, this person will give nothing but aggravation. A more polite way to describe them is as a Pigeon. Why? Well, have you ever tried to play chess with a pigeon? The bird knocks over pieces and shits on the board, all while strutting around like it won.

Rational Person: The unicorn of online discussion, to be sure. They exist – I have found and interacted with them. You never know when you’re going to uncover one, because they’ve usually grown a crust of Fundamentalist or Just Tired of Your Shit.