Gun Debate – Fast Stats And References

This is a placeholder for now, but I want to give common stats and their authoritative sources. Where possible, I will try to include actual quotes, and whether the information is verifiable fact or expert opinion, and a blog post that more fully discusses the issue in context. The format of this page is likely to change as I find better ways to organize the information.

Who uses guns in crime

Where do crime guns come from

Popular but debunked claims:

  • “Nobody wants to take your guns”
  • The AR-15 is the weapon of choice for mass shooters
  • School shootings are on the rise
  • It’s not safe to go to school
  • Concealed carry doesn’t stop crime / save lives
  • Defensive gun use is rare
  • Concealed carry holders are dangerous to society

Popular Solutions

Facts to gather:

  • Defensive Gun Use frequency
  • Source of crime guns – not gun shows or unknown private transactions
  • Time to crime / duration on streets
  • Frequency of AR use in mass shootings Number of dead from ARs in mass shootings
  • Effect of the AR ban from 1994-2014
  • What the Dickey Amendment actually says
  • CDC reports dealing with gun violence
  • Firearms mortality info – number of deaths by mode (homicide, suicide, accident),
  • Wound characteristics
  • Average number of rounds fired during a mass shooting, partial magazine ejections
  • Ballistics comparisons of rifle and handgun rounds
  • FBI Expanded Homicide Database
  • Australia’s compliance rate
  • Australia’s homicide and violence trends
  • Comparing the US to Japan – suicides, homicides, history of gun ownership
  • Background check stats – denials, prosecutions, expert evaluations
  • Suicides and the presence of guns
  • Relationship of magazine size to death toll
  • AR-15 characteristics