The Truth About School Shootings (Video Reblog)

I’ll try to go source her claims, but so far her statements do check out: (Liberty Doll)

I’ve included the links from her page at the bottom. Here are some highlights from the video:

  • Liberal lawmakers compare school shootings as an epidemic, much like opiates. However, opiate-related deaths tallied around 42,000, while school shooting deaths added up to under 20 in the same time frame.
  • Chances of any given student being killed in a mass shooting are less than 1:614,000,000. Fights and knife attacks are far more prevalent, and increase risk of death to 1:2,300,000
  • Perception of risk changes with emotions, which are manipulated by what information the media focuses on.
  • Stats about school shootings are widely manipulated by willful changes in definitions in order to aggrandize an issue for political leverage.
  • Gives some red flags based on patterns from actual school shootings.
  • Current laws aren’t appropriate enforced.
  • Relates prevalence of school shootings to high economic stress.
  • Also notes that gun availability and ease of obtaining them have no correlation to rate of incidence of shootings.
  • Mental health is a broader issue that needs to be more clearly described.


…to be continued!


Campus Safety: US School Shooting Statistics

New York Magazine: No Epidemic of Mass Shootings

Cato Institute: How Common Are Mass Shootings?

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety: Child Safety in Motor Vehicle Crashes

Northeastern University: Schools Are Safer Than in the 90s

Mental Health America: 2018 State Report (request link)

Kellogg Institute: School Shootings and Unemployment Rate

Wall Street Journal: School Shootings and Joblessness

The Atlantic: Mental Illness

Treatment Advocacy Center: Risk Factors for Violence

Washington Post: School Shootings Rare; Why is Fear Driving Policy?

National Center for Education Statistics: Fast Facts Sheet

USA Today: School Shootings Not the New Normal


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