On bereavement

To all parents who have lost children, I want you to know that I don’t offer thoughts and prayers. I’m not the NRA. I’m not the gun lobby. I’m not a Russian troll. Even though I am a gun owner, I am first and foremost a father. While I fight for my rights, I am deeply interested in preventing deaths and violence from guns.

I don’t see these things as incompatible. There are ways to both preserve rights and reduce gun violence. We have to listen to each other with real desire solve the problem, as opposed to driving a favorite political solution. Put the politicians aside, and let’s talk.

So no thoughts and prayers. I offer you an ear and a mind and a voice. I promise to listen to you as well as you listen to me. I want to hear your concerns, and I want to be heard. I want us to stop fighting, to stop fearing, and to stop burying children.

We must do this together if it is to happen at all.


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