Your Rights Aren’t Being Violated!

When you hear this from a gun control advocate, it usually means they don’t actually care that your rights are, in point of fact, being violated. They justify to themselves that so long as you have access to “a gun”, your 2nd Amendment rights are still intact. Technically, this is true, but it ignores the implicit ability to choose the methods of being able to realize the right.

Analogy time!

It doesn’t seem like a violation of rights to GCAs, because they don’t view taking away “one of many” as taking away rights. But what if suddenly the government said you were not allowed to criticize the government on Twitter? You still have Facebook, blogs, and article comment threads, so is your right to freedom of speech being taken away?

No, it’s not. But your choices are being limited. Would you feel that limitation is capricious? What if prohibitions on Twitter didn’t solve the problem of criticism, so they next blocked Instagram? No biggie if you don’t use IG, right? Since you don’t use it, you don’t see the value in it, therefore you don’t care because other people still have the option to use blogs. It’s not your problem because you don’t see why someone needs to use IG.

But that doesn’t solve the problem either and criticisms are flowing, so they say you can’t write critical blog entries, you can only lodge your complaint via electronic form the government provides on the Whitehouse website. Ok, you still have the right not to be jailed for your criticism, so long as you only do it via direct submission.

It turns out that doesn’t stop the problem, either. Now you have to download and print a paper form, fill it out with blue pen, get it notarized, and send it back within 30 days. And you can only use the space provided on one side of the page.

At some point, you have to submit a request for a certified, serialized form that has only one line, and you have to buy the pen the government has contracted out to an authorized vendor. The document is free, but your request to get the certified form has to be submitted by written letter on another form you get from the Post Office, which has to have a time stamp on it. It’s recommended that you use Copperplate Gothic as your font, which was the accepted script for official business in the 1780s.

That pen you have to buy? Well, it’s a dip-style glass nib that only supports monoweight, so you have to go back and manually add the line thickness variations to the appropriate letters to simulate the required script. Oh, and the company that sells the pen doesn’t sell the ink. That’s a different vendor, and your state doesn’t have an authorized dealer – you have to order it from Hawaii because they won the contracting bid, and there’s a 45-day mandatory wait period.

Oh, and because the forms are serialized, they keep track of what you submit and how often, but they promise to destroy the records after 90 days. Except when they claim they’re understaffed and there’s a backlog, so they can’t get to the destruction process for at least 18 months.

Your rights are not being violated, are they? You don’t actually need social media to make a complaint, or even email. If you can’t say what you need on a single line, written correctly the first time in indelible ink, then you’re a shitty writer and have no business writing a complaint in the first place.

This is how gun owners view the current liberal approach to gun control.


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